This Pure Blooded Filipina Who Hails From Tarlac Is The Ellen Degeneres Nanny


Nothing's wrong with being a nanny. We have many things to offer the world that's so true.

By: Era Nunag

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are modern-day heroes. You leave your country to secure your family's future to go to a job that requires you to take care of another family. Everyday, our OFWs show the meaning of empathy, generosity and compassion; in fact, they exemplify the way Filipinos love, treating their "alagas" as their own. There are so many of them, but here's a famous personality named Ellen Degeneres who have spoken highly about her Filipina nanny and the impact they have made in their family's lives.

The full-blooded Pinay, whose real name is Luzviminda Casimiro, "Mindy" is a pure blooded Filipina who hails from Tarlac. Her husband, Joel "Boyet" Casimiro, also works for Ellen as a driver. They have been working for TV host-comedian Ellen DeGeneres for about ten years already.

Mindy’s latest assignment involved interviewing Hollywood stars after they won their coveted trophies. She was able to chat with Jim Parsons, Melissa McCarthy, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Guy Pearce.

Wearing a white T-shirt and beige slacks, Mindy started her segment by putting on huge drop earrings.

Her first guest was Jim Parsons, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Big Bang Theory. As he sat down for the interview, he politely told the Filipina, "Nice to meet you."

Mindy enthusiastically told the actor, "I’m so excited when Ellen told me, ’Mindy, you’re going to the Emmy’s to interview big celebrities’ and now here I am, I’m in front of you."

Jim responded by saying, "I’m nervous to meet you ’coz you work for Ellen."

Mindy Kaling the Filipina Maid of Ellen Degeneres got it’s own segment on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The show entitled “Mindy’s Movie Minute” will feature the Filipina housemaid of Ellen on her hilarious reviews of the movies that was released on the box office.


The hands that rocks the cradle rules the world. Here are 5 famous personalities around the world who have nothing but praise for Filipino nannies:

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