10 Famous World Destinations That ACTUALLY Look-A-Like Of Local Destinations In The Philippines


Do you have a dream? What’s your dream? A nice job? A beautiful house? A Luxury car? A sweet family? Everyone has a dream, and many of us dream is to Travel-Around-The-World.

By: Era Nunag

It's sounds impossible for most of us who hold "Third World Passport" ... but believe it or not when i say "IT'S Possible" IT'S-POSSIBLE. *wink

But of course… I understand that this can be a big ‘leap’ so if you are not ready or if you don’t have enough resources yet to start a traveling lifestyle like I do, it’s definitely alright! Besides, did you know that just by traveling around the Philippines, it can already make you feel that you are traveling to foreign countries?

Yes, it can! In fact, below are some of the 10 great and famous destinations abroad that you can actually somehow find within the Philippines!

Truly, there won’t really be the need for you to travel too far because we might just have it all!

NOTE: This is inspired by a video that I saying occurring for my Facebook feed that has been going viral lately.  Also, this is NOT an article that wishes to focus roughly comparisons or imitations. I absolutely know that the Philippines has its own charm. I just actually wrote this blog considering the easy goal of demonstrating that the country can be VISUALLY diverse and this is not single-handedly due to the influences of tallying cultures or countries, but along with mostly due to the incredible terrains and landscapes that the Philippines naturally has.

1. Rio De Jainero, Brazil (Above) Monasterio De Tarlac, Philippines (Below)

2. Santorini, Greece (Above) Camp Netanya Batangas, Philippines (Below)

 3. Bahamas (Above) Boracay, Philippines (Below)

4. China Temple (Above) Taoist Temple Cebu, Philippines (Below) 

5. Las Vegas (Above) City Of Dreams Manila, Philippines (Below) 


6. Keukenhof Netherlands (Above) Sirao Flower Farm Cebu, Philippines (Below)

7. Maldives (Above) Huma Island Palawan, Philippines (Below) 

8. Portugal (Above) Poracay Pampanga, Philippines (Below) 

9. Spain (Above) Calle Crisologo Vigan, Philippines (Below)

10. Venice, Italy (Above) Venice Grand Canal Taguig, Philippines (Below) 

 You can clearly see by now that the Philippines can be a world of its own — it is such a big melting pot of various worldly scenery.

As we always say, ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! So you don’t really need to leave the country.

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