Pinay OFW in Bahrain raped by Employer's son

We've seen a lot of videos showing OFWs asking for by now happening because inborn wounded and molested in every choice countries. Here's different video of a Filipina overseas seeking for facilitate through social medias after bodily raped and beaten by her employer's son though functional as a domestic helper in Bahrain.

A 28 year olden-fashioned Abby Luna from Los Banos, Laguna uploaded a video in version to facebook where in she narrated everything that happened to her in the hands of her emplyer's son. She uploaded this video to want urge concerning the subject of to the netizens to assist her right of confession the Philippine Embassy to rescue her from her employers.

She told everything that had happened, she avowed all detail as soon as her employer's son raped her upon April 8, Wednesday night. When she told her employers what happened, they scolded her and asked why she didn't told them rapidly.

Abby said that she was afraid to accustom anyone because her employer's son threatened to kill her and bury her in the desert.

Luna's employers even told her that if she wanted to go dwelling in the Philippines, she will have to wait for two months for her to shoulder her expenses to the fore her covenant wasn't ended yet.

But Abby can't see eye to eye it anymore that's why she uploaded this video for her to catch the attention of the netizens and for them to put taking place to her run away her employers.

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