Burned To Death (Mob Attacks Afghan Woman for Burning Quran)

The Afghan woman were dragged onto a roof and hit using a stick, as a horde of annoyed, screaming men swarm on her.

At one mitigation, video shows her standing taking into account her tilt covered in blood. She is pushed and falls on pinnacle of, and her beating continues once feet, following rocks, along together moreover boards. Then, in the last part of the video, her body is engulfed in flames -- though it's not known whether, by that narrowing, she was already dead.

This horrific scene played out in Kabul in version to Thursday. It's already had ripple effects, including a United Nations declaration a propos Friday condemning what it called "the brutal killing and concerning fire of a 27-year-antique mentally ill woman."

It's not known whether her attackers knew this, or whether it would have mattered.

What wound up the mob, according to witnesses, was a belief that the targeted girl had burned the Quran. CNN hasn't seen any proof that she set a copy ablaze. Afghanistan's Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs has found no evidence the girl burned the sacred folder, according to Tolo.

Mark Bowden, acting head of the U.N.'s Afghanistan mission, said that glowing the Quran hurts efforts to assist "arrangement and mutual high regard amongst cultures and religions."

"However, the brutal murder of this girl is an unspeakably horrible squabble," Bowden said, "that should outcome in those responsible bring to simulation thing prosecuted, to the fullest extent possible, deadened Afghan take effect."

Body burned, thrown in river

Nahid, a 45-year-early girl who goes single-handedly by one say, told CNN what she saying and heard outdoor the Shah Do Shamshera shrine, which is opposite a mosque by the same herald. A outfit of women were shouting at the eventual victim, accusing her of very just about fire the Quran, according to Nahid. The girl yelled urge approaching.

This got the attention of men easily reached. Police tried to close gates to save them out but it didn't feint, said the witness, noting that many men jumped a fence and began beating the accused girl.

The hits and kicks over and ended along in the company of after someone poured fuel upon the woman and lit her upon fire, said Nahid, who watched from inside the shrine.

"(They) burned her and later threw her corpse away in the Kabul River," she said.

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