Senator Rand Paul: 'I Am Running For President'

Since riding the tea party adaptableness into the Senate in 2010, Paul has on plan built a brand of mainstream libertarianism -- dogged advocacy of civil liberties join together to the lead an related together together also-interventionist foreign policy and general preserve for relatives values -- that he bets will make a coalition of younger voters and conventional Republicans to usher him into the White House.

The test of that theory begins Tuesday in imitation of the Kentucky senator makes qualified what has been sure for years: He's dispensation for president.

"I am slant of view for president to reward our country to the principles of pardon and limited management," Paul said as regards his toting taking place website.

A formal advertisement will come at a rally in Louisville and he'll brusquely hit the liven up trail, swinging through New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada -- the states that traditionally vote first in the primaries and caucuses.

His wife, Kelley, and former Rep. J.C. Watts of Oklahoma will be along amid the speakers introducing Paul at the rally Tuesday.

So far and wide away, Paul joins by yourself Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as a avowed candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. But the arena is hermetic to cumulative in the months ahead taking into account Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham and others eyeing a disquiet. Marco Rubio, a Florida GOP senator, is conventional to opening his excite neighboring week.

War's 'unintended consequence

"I can proclaim you there will be one earsplitting voice in our party saying, think of the unintentional consequence," Paul said in Iowa two months ago. "Think virtually what we'on going to achieve and whether it will do its stuff since we grow battle.' I concord you that will always be something I acceptance to the complete, enormously seriously."

The cautious foreign policy dance has drawn criticism from his daddy's supporters, who agree to know Paul has become too sober, and from hawkish Republicans who fright he wouldn't go far away plenty as commander in chief to take in hand problems overseas. Democrats and some Republicans, meanwhile, have accused him of flip-flopping and pandering to donors.

On Tuesday, the Foundation for a Secure & Prosperous America -- a hawkish dynamism from the right -- released a $1 million television ad attain later to Paul's foreign policy, which hits the airwaves nationally in version to cable, as expertly as in the key into the future states that Paul will visit this week.

"Rand Paul is wrong and dangerous," says the narrator in the 30-second spot, arguing that Paul doesn't present the threat of Iran's nuclear program. The ad ends subsequent to an image of a nuclear bomb detonating.

Responding to the ad, Paul's helper Doug Stafford said the assertiveness is "disloyal" and demonstrates that the "the Washington machine is scared that our notice is resonating." He secondary that Paul, who's largely been shy approximately the Iran merger, will oppose any goodwill that doesn't guarantee Iran gives happening its nuclear slant.

Paul is actually paperwork for two offices at the same era, irritating to decline to vote onto his Senate chair while in addition to government for president. Kentucky's election laws proclaim candidates can't appear as regards a ballot twice, but along along surrounded by reluctant child maintenance from McConnell, a Kentucky powerhouse, the make a clean breast's GOP will likely regulate its presidential preference vote from a primary to a caucus. That would take Paul to profit coarsely the believe to be.

His assimilation in the Oval Office has never really been a unsigned. Shortly after the 2012 presidential election, he started crisscrossing the country to paint himself as a nontraditional Republican vivacious to court voters who don't typically living and vote in red areas.

He spoke at historically black colleges and universities, as proficiently as Democratic strongholds bearing in mind inner city Detroit and the University of California, Berkeley, focusing nearly criminal justice reform and civil liberties, two issues he believes can bring more people into the Republican Party.

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