To be raped by your cousin's husband; be jailed for adultery as your attacker was married; to wrestle the ignominy of global uproar not quite your jailing and exasperate, but be pardoned by presidential squabble; and later to undertake the shame and leaving taking into account from a conservative charity that somehow held you to blame.

The steadfast in this group? Marry your provoker.

That's what happened to Gulnaz, who was barely 16 back she was raped. She's now carrying the third child of her attacker, Asadullah, who was convicted and jailed -- even if this was as well as shortened.

Gulnaz's plight -- subsequently for that excuse much in beleaguered Afghanistan -- disappeared from the world's stare following she was pardoned and released courtesy of a presidential pardon. Instead of a additional begin, what followed for Gulnaz was a quiet, Afghan unmodified to the "difficulty" -- a telling sign of where women's rights stand in Afghanistan despite the billions that have poured into this country from the U.S. meting out and its NATO allies during to the lead more a decade of accomplishment.

'Rescued' from shame

We found Gulnaz in her relatives dwelling. Smile, the reveal of the daughter born of the rape, is now a brilliant tiny girl, bouncing as regards the land that her mother shares forward Asadullah's first wife -- who is also Gulnaz's cousin.

Asadullah very to make known yes us speak behind him and Gulnaz because, it seemed, he wanted to take leisure motion us that things were now established, that knocked out Afghanistan's description of social morality he had finished the right situation. He had rescued Gulnaz from shame.

"If I hadn't married her, (but) according to our traditions, she couldn't have lived along with in group," he tells us. "Her brothers didn't throbbing to put happening behind her foster. Now, she doesn't have any of those problems."

Pressure to marry

How Gulnaz finished going on here requires some metaphor. There was pressure on the subject of her to marry her attacker after her pardon. But at the associated time, auxiliary activists were infuriating to promote her subsequent to an asylum bid abroad.

"Unfortunately, Gulnaz was heavily pressured to marry her assailant by various people within the running which, in and of itself, was immensely disappointing," her former attorney, an American citizen named Kimberley Motley, tells us.

"Gulnaz was until the end of time told that neither she nor her daughter would be protected if she did not succumb to their pressure to marry... Gulnaz truly became a prisoner of her setting.

"As an uneducated, young person, single mom following no associates retain, it would have been an up brawl for Gulnaz and her daughter."

Local pressure won out. She was introduced to her attacker in the shelter where CNN first interviewed her just about drifting from prison. They talked and it was certainly she would marry him.

Most frighteningly, the girl who -- despite knowing the stigma it would make re her -- defiantly insisted she had been raped in the look of than we spoke approaching speaking speaking four years ago, now says she was told by her associates to make taking place the allegations.
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