Trending: Worlds Oldest Person Turns 117 Years Old


The world's oldest person Misao Okawa, a mom of three, grandmother of four and delightful-grandmother of six, turned 117 upon Thursday in western Japan.

Okawa, one of unaccompanied a handful of people born in the 19th century and yet live "is looking in enjoyable touch," an qualified at her Osaka nursing ablaze told AFP.

Okawa, who came into the world five years past the Wright brothers achieved the first powered human flight, commended her birthday a hours of day to come, with intimates.

Guests included her oldest son Hiroshi, 92, and a two-year-pass colossal-grandchild.

Local certified Takehiro Ogura with stopped by subsequently a bunch of flowers for Okawa, whose birth coincided surrounded by the outbreak of the Spanish-American feat as the earliest empires gave habit to option.

"Happy birthday to you," Ogura said into her ear. "Was it (the tally 117 years) long?"

"It was quick," said Okawa, dressed in a weak pink kimono behind a cherry flower pattern.

Asked if she has discovered the unsigned of animate a long vigor, Okawa wasn't telling the assembled media, answering coyly: "Well, I don't know."

Japan, known for the longevity of its people, is with home to the world's oldest man -- 112-year-earliest Sakari Momoi.

In 2013, moving picture expectancy for women in Japan was 86.61, the longest in the world, even if for men it was 80.21, the fourth longest, according to the health ministry.

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