Kotse-kel, Extraordinary tricycle (Half Car, Half Tricycle)

A tricycle in Bangar, La Union was transformed into a mini-car. The people of the province called it Kotse-kel. A term that they came happening which means, Kotse tagalog of a car and the Kel came from Tricycle.

Behind this very brillian idea is the owner Mr. Lyndon Olba. It took him five months to make this amazing thing happen. In an interview following ABS-CBNs Umagang Kay Ganda reporter, KZ Zalavaria, Olba said that they were just playing coarsely taking into account the design and that the indigenous try was to make a single seater vehicle for fetching his children to and from studious. However, mixture he realized that he could actually create something exchange from others. The Einstein effect  once there was a fresh bulb switched upon in his mind that made him proclaim, Why not make as regards this or that? That was in the back he was skillful to create kotse-kel, along considering his pals. Customizing a tricycle to a kotse-kel may appointment uphill to Php 60,000.00, however, Olba conveniently said that his establishment is without help used for private intimates bolster, and not as a public minister to vehicle.

This Kotse-kel was as a consequences cozy from the uncovered as dexterously as if you are the passenger of the car. Although the Kotse-Kel looks hot on the uncovered, the creators came happening once the idea of having a cooler inside the passenger seat.

A quantity of 2 passengers can fit inside this one of a approachable perch transportation. It furthermore has a compartment at the assert which can be used for the things that the passenger carries subsequent to them.

The owner of the Kotse-kel, Lyndon Olba spent vis--vis 5 months creating this fabulous ride. At first, they were just playing just about considering the design of the tricycle until they came uphill in the spread of this adroit idea.

Yes, it may see hot inside the kotse-kel past there are no windows for agree to breathe aeration, however, whats deafening more or less this is that, there is a cooler inside consequently investigate the heat millstone solved! Aside from that, there is in addition to a compartment at the gain for supplementary things, thus that one can relax inside without having to carry close plenty in the lap.

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