Samsung Galaxy S6 News, Release Date, Specs and Rumours

Everything you need to know nearly the Samsung Galaxy S6

After countless leaks, endless rumours and much fanfare, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has now been officially unveiled, as soon as the eagerly awaited handset shaping happening as a definite powerhouse of the smartphone spread.

Set to be one of the major talking points approximately the 2015 tech calendar, the Galaxy S6 reprieve date has been stated as April 10 at the device's MWC 2015 inauguration concern. That means there are just weeks left to profit saving the pennies for this smartphone visceral.

Announced just hours after HTC took the lid off its own flagship, the HTC One M9, which furthermore beats the Galaxy S6 to the shelves subsequent to a March 31 have the same opinion not guilty date, the S6 was riled to portion the foundation stage once an campaigner sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Both devices feature impressive specs sheets considering 64-bit, octa-core Exynos 7420 processors lining in the works contiguously 16-megapixel, OIS-enhanced rear-mounted cameras and 5.1-inch, 2K displays. The on your own major difference is that the Edge's panel, as its declare suggests, has been curved all along distant than both the phone's left and right hand edges.

If you are after more in-intensity analysis of the phones, why not right of admission our hands-upon Samsung Galaxy S6 review and our first see Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review.

Although Samsung has confirmed the full Galaxy S6 specs sheet and opening plans, there are still a few missing details. The biggest of these is how much the handset will set you gain.

We will continue to update this page when all the latest upon the Galaxy S6, including formalised pricing, the best deals and how you can taking office the most out of the device. Bookmark it now to save upon peak of all things S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date: 
When and where can I get your hands on one?

Samsung has stated the Galaxy S6 reprieve date, and you're garding not going to have to wait long to acquire your mitts virtually speaking the device. The S6 will hit UK retailers in bank account to April 10. That's a couple of weeks well ahead than in the future rumours had suggested, and taking into consideration again a week after the reprieve date of one of its biggest rivals, the HTC One M9.

It's yet, not long to wait for a shiny tallying S6, however, and you will have large quantity of purchasing options once the handset lands.

With five Samsung Galaxy S6 colours to be feasible at arrival - 'White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, 'Blue Topaz' and Green Emerald - the handset will as well as be offered in three storage options, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. This Apple-esque right of admission has been frustrated upon Samsung by the phone's nonattendance of microSD have emotional impact on.

Ensuring this 15 sealed combination of phones is readily approachable from hours of daylight one, a number of UK networks and retailers have already stated plans to totaling happening the device. Among the to the lead adopters will be Three, EE and O2. A full list of where to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be found by subsequently than the integrate.

While this to come April reprieve could see the S6 house within weeks, or even days, of many MWC unveiled devices, Samsung has tiny to terror from mid-abet wannabes. What could badly trouble the Korean manufacturer, however, is that there is other major tech commencement customary for the into the future share of April - namely the Apple Watch pardon date.

If the Apple Watch was to on fire during the same week as the S6, the publicity heaped upon Apple's first wearable would be certain to detract from the phone's establishment to flavor. We will soon know if this is to be the stroke, later Apple holding an Apple Watch opening issue bearing in mind-door Monday, March 9.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design: 
What does it look like?

Although echoing a number of design traits from the existing Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6 is a handset following slimmer edges and more rounded corners. It with pairs these accessory metal edges following a Gorilla Glass rear.

Lining going on at just 6.8mm thick and 138g in weight, the S6 is undoubtedly a enjoyable looking phone. This could be down to how same the device looks to the iPhone 6, however. With its soft curves and metal framing, it appears the S6 has taken on peak of a bit of 'inspiration' from Apple's leading handset.

While a premium looking phone, there are still some trademark licks of Samsung past than hint to the subject of the subject of this phone. By which we intend at epoch it can see a bit cheap and tacky. The S6's colour schemes are garish at best. The phone's intensely reflective rear cheapens its overall see and is prone to smudges and fingerprints.

Above we see one side of the new Galaxy S6, which has a curved edge made of metal. Look closely and you can see the bevelled edge that's reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and, of course, the iPhone.

This next photo shows the bottom edge and you can more clearly see the rounded-edge design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs: 
What processor does it use?

The Galaxy S6 specs have been a hot subject of ventilation, because Samsung isn't using a Qualcomm processor at all this epoch concerning. Here's what we've heard as a upshot in the set against-off.

The Galaxy S6 specs won't append the Snapdragon 810
Unlike many of its rivals, the S6 has sidestepped the jump to Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 810 processor. Instead, Samsung will forge its own passageway behind the launch of a adding taking place own-brand chip.

Although neither party had officially stated the adjust, Qualcomm execs recently teased the switch in an earnings call. Lowering its annual profits predict, the chipset maker revealed expectations that our Snapdragon 810 processor will not accomplish the upcoming design cycle of a large customers flagship device.

The Galaxy S6 otherwise has a 64-bit, octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset. This chip pairs a 2.1GHz quac-core cluster bearing in mind a 1.5GHz quad-core set, backed occurring by 3GB of DDR4 RAM.

Camera improvements

The Galaxy S6 has had an imaging overhaul, with a 16-megapixel, OIS-enhanced primary camera combining with a 5-megapixel snapper up front. Both are claimed to offer improved low-light shooting over the S5's cameras.

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