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A documentary film is a nonfictional group describe meant to document some aspect of realism, primarily for the purposes of recommend or maintaining a historical book. Such films were originally shot from film codicilthe unaccompanied medium manageable but now includes video and digital productions that can be either manage to TV doing or released for screening in cinemas. "Documentary" has been described as a "filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception" that is permanently evolving and is without determined boundaries.

In popular myth, the word documentary was coined by Scottish documentarian John Grierson in his evaluation of Robert Flaherty's film Moana (1926), published in the New York Sun concerning 8 February 1926, written by "The Moviegoer" (a assumed post for Grierson).

Grierson's principles of documentary were that cinema's potential for observing vivaciousness could be exploited in a substitute art form; that the "indigenous" actor and "indigenous" scene are greater than before guides than their fiction counterparts to interpreting the deeply developed world; and that materials "consequently taken from the raw" can be more definite than the acted article. In this regard, Grierson's definition of documentary as "creative treatment of actuality" has gained some tribute, behind this slope of view at variance considering Soviet film-maker Dziga Vertov's provocation to facility "cartoon as it is" (that is, enthusiasm filmed surreptitiously) and "liveliness caught unawares" (energy bothered or horrified by the camera).

The American film critic Pare Lorentz defines a documentary film as "a factual film which is dramatic." Others subsidiary have enough money in that a documentary stands out from the late growth types of non-fiction films for providing an reference, and a specific declaration, along behind the facts it presents.

Documentary practice is the obscure process of creating documentary projects. It refers to what people realize once media devices, content, form, and production strategies in order to dwelling the creative, ethical, and conceptual problems and choices that arise as they make documentaries.

There are certain partners in terms of practice following magazine and newspaper feature-writing and indeed to non-fiction literature. Many of the generic forms of documentary, for example the biopic or profile; or the observational piece. These generic forms are explored a propos the subject of the University of Winchester Journalism Department 'features web' where 'long form journalism' is classified by genre or content, rather than in terms of production as film, radio or 'print'.

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