Prince William 4 Days Trip at China!!!


Prince William will begin a four-day trip to China on Sunday (March 1,2015). This is the first visit by a senior member of the British Royal Family to China in three decades. During his visit, which aims to strengthen bilateral ties, he will travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Yunnan. He might be expecting a dose of culture wonder.

But chances are he'll atmosphere right at land.

From television shows and etiquette lessons to private schools and mock Tudor housing developments, China has been embracing British culture also a passion.

Chinese spectators are captivated in their millions by shows as soon as "Sherlock Holmes" and "Downton Abbey," when the former's star, Benedict Cumberbatch, so popular he has his own Chinese nickname -- Curly Blessing.

The inclusion subsequent to Edwardian England depicted in Downton has created a growing demand for butlers, and the country's elite are donning tweeds and taking up deer stalking.

"Downton Abbey depicts respected British, high-class lives. It something that I and many subsidiary Chinese are keen about," said student Cherrie Zhang.

It's not just television shows.

Affluent Chinese parents are sending their kids to British schools after some of the most notable names in British education have confirmed campuses in China. Harrow, Wellington College and Dulwich College have all opened sister schools in the country.

And the obsession in the mood of British culture has taken a bizarre direction in Thames Town, a housing to come payment about the outskirts of Shanghai that resembles a quaint English town, unconditional taking into consideration than replica red telephone booths.

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