ISIS Releases 19 Christian Hostages -- but why?


Igniting a alive man in a cage; severing the heads of dozens; kidnapping, raping and selling women and children -- ISIS' shocking seizure of its captives has become unfortunately predictable.

But that has made their latest decision concerning speaking the fate of 19 Christian prisoners all the more surprising to some. On Sunday, ISIS released them.

Ten subsidiary Assyrian Christians are stated to connect them in light after a rushed grow very old in captivity.

All but one of the Christians released were share of a charity of 220 Assyrians captured last week during offensives upon northern Syrian villages, said the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In the shadow of its sadistic mercilessness, the unexpected reversal leaves many asking: Why?

The intervention has not explained its decision. Here are some practicable answers.

Who at ISIS made the decision?

It was not a objector commander but an ISIS Sharia manage, said Osama Edward, who heads the Assyrian Human Rights Network, based in Sweden.

Some of Edward's associates members are in the midst of the captured Christians. His rights organization keeps waylay behind local people, via phone and Internet, and has a auditorium team in Syria, he said.

The Sharia go accompanied by asked the Christians if they were portion of any militia, Edward said. Then he pronounced them not guilty of violating Sharia accomplish and ordered them released.

The Assyrian Christians were all from the village of Tal Goran. They have returned quarters but are keeping bashful for now.

Why go easier about a society of Christians?

The main issue drawing arouse from build happening Islamist groups revolves in the region of Muslim civilians, who are ISIS' most common victims. And the released captives are Christians.

But Christian protester Edward thinks the ISIS Sharia court decision was, in portion, a access to Syrian Sunni Muslim tribal leaders who negotiated for the Christians' forgive.

First, the tribes care intensely about their Christian neighbors and don't tortured sensation them killed, Edward said. It with makes the Sunni tribal leaders see willing and gets a rapport started following them.

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