ISIS Militants Holding 9 Foreign OIL Workers at Libya


Nine foreign workers are believed to be captured of ISIS affiliated militants after an undefined attacked in the area of Libyan oil sports ground, according to officials.

Libya's internationally recognized government has blamed "ISIS militias" for the attack last Friday wherein the Al-Ghani oil field were set on fire.

The kidnapped foreigners were operational for VAOS, an Austrian-owned oil facilities company whose headquarters are in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

They append four Filipinos, an Austrian, a Czech and a Ghanaian, according to the Philippine foreign ministry. The Bangladeshi supervision said one of its citizens was along with taken hostage. The nationality of the ninth worker was indistinct.

The abductions arrive in the middle of Libya's deteriorating security issue in which Islamic militias, some of them pledging allegiance to the extremist bureau ISIS, have thrived.

Egypt carried out airstrikes with than to ISIS militants in Libya last month after the killings of Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped even if operational in a Libyan city.

Series of oil showground attacks

The Philippine foreign ministry said Monday that its Tripoli political had "stepped occurring coordination" in the company of the Austrian company and Libyan authorities "to locate the abducted Filipinos and ensure their fasten and rushed within reach."

Martin Weiss, a spokesman for the Austrian foreign ministry tweeted Monday that "credible sources" had stated that the Austrian citizen and additional international workers were in the hands of ISIS "terrorists."

The ferociousness re Al-Ghani is the latest in a recent spate of exploitation by militants targeting oil fields in Libya.

The Libyan National Oil Corporation said once more the weekend that it had warned VAOS on severity of two weeks ago to depart the place because of security concerns.

VAOS wasn't hastily within obtain for comment Tuesday.

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