Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift Celebrate Camila Cabello’s 18th Birthday


Theres no night along with a girls night, especially considering than it involves Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift! Thats how the totally lucky Fifth Harmony singer, Camila Cabello, commended her big 1-8.

Camila Cabello much-admired her 18th birthday on the subject of speaking Tuesday night, March 3, taking into account a sweet outfit of gal pals including the following:
a. Selena Gomez =  22 years old
b. Taylor Swift = 25 years old
c. Jamie King =35 years old
d. Hailee Steinfeld = 18 years old

The Fifth Harmony songstress rocked a princess crown even if posing along with her girlfriends, and everyone looks behind they had an amazing time. Plus, we just adulation seeing Selena and Taylor benefit taking place together!

@camila_cabello happy birthday my nugget. #girlsnighttothefullest,” wrote Selena on her March 3 Instagram photo of the motley crew that gathered around to celebrate the 5H singer’s birthday. Man, if only we got an invite to that party!

In many ways Camila reminds us of a younger version of Selena, so it’s adorable how she uses the endearing nickname, “my nugget.” Plus, who knew they were even friends? So cute!

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