WATCH: Ninja Baby vs Father (A Fight for Love)


I saw this video at youtube and had a fun watching it. The baby and dads fight against their love and care of the lady on their life. Every second is a thrilling part wherein the baby is preparing to fight his own father. He exercise, trained and prepare his young body to become the BABY NINJA. While His father a secret weapon to win back His wife. He uses a razor to make His skin as soft as the baby has.

Watch the full video below and have fun watching it. I watch this video almost 10 times before this post. Have fun!!!!

There was a time when babies had a great life. The softness of their skin got them all their moms attention. Then one day . Fathers discovered a special weapon. A weapon to make a fathers skin as soft as baby. From now on fathers and sons can fight on equal terms. men can now take revenge and win back their wives. To get their moms back, there is no choice but TO FIGHT!!!
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