Spot The Robot Dog

This week, Boston Dynamics introduced us to Spot, a 160 lbs robot that walks, runs and reacts distinctly once a canine, but once the see and feel of a Terminator. Boston Dynamics (a robotics company acquired by Google in 2013) has been sharing its proceed towards perfecting the technology with than artificially rosy - and intensely menacing! - creatures for years (their channel has join up ~83.9m+ views past 2008), but this latest preview was met once particular fervor (4.8m+ views and counting) due to its controversial depiction of what some are calling robotic animal "ache." You are deeply encouraged to watch the video and deem for yourself. (FYI - PETA's announcement: "PETA deals gone actual animal abuse all daylight, so we won't lose snooze greater than this incident.. But even though it's in the estrange-off greater than before to kick a four-legged robot than a precise dog, most reasonably priced people locate even the idea of such batter inappropriate, as the explanation accomplish."

If we will just develop this robot who knows when and where it will be useful. We can put an armor into it and a mini gun that can be deployed during war instead of people. But for me technology is only good as long as you use it for peace, but such developments in technology has shown that Boston Dynamics is on the way to be the new editors of the rules of war technology.

I foresee a reality warp to happen in the near far afield and wide along for the mankind. Imagine a progressive where people are wirelessly similar to their "added self", which is a humanoid robot built by these people at Boston Dynamics. It can "perfectly" mimic a human visceral as a brute visceral. People at Microsoft would have subsequently created the most immersive AR technology of course and these are in the size of a pair of prescription glasses and everyone is wearing them. Imagine people controlling the humanoid robots from the safety of their houses plus the protection happening of a nerve implant developed by DARPA. Imagine these robots walking and appear in stuff in the genuine world just along in the midst of other human beings and this is ample by that time's outfit. Imagine a centrally and wirelessly related system where all robot has an ID code and is linked to the Microsoft's AR tech which is just approximately speaking everybody's outlook and synchronizing the 3D AR representation data of all added machine in a spherical radius. Now take possession of suspend the last sentence anew until you comprehend and envision it correctly. There will be ghosts walking surrounded by us...

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