Pacquiao vs Mayweather (blood test 14 days before fight)


World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao (51-3-2, 38 KOs) is reportedly satisfying to admit the Olympic style random blood tests that Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants in the back hell scuffle Pacquiao, according to the Manila Bulletin. This is a major breakthrough in helping to put together a scuffle together in the middle of Pacquiao and Mayweather, as the two fighters were unable to put together a brawl in the postscript because the negotiations stalled gone Pacquiao stood utter at wanting the blood tests to decrease at 24 days in the back the brawl even though Mayweather wanted them to go at least until 14 days.

Instead, Pacquiao walked away and chose Joshua Clottey to liven up last March 13th, beating him by a 12 round decision at the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The scuffle without help drew 700,000 pay-per-view buys and was much less quickly-fight than Mayweathers recent brawl earlier this month closely Shane Mosley upon May 1st, which drew 1.4 million PPV purchases.

In an interview by writer Nick Giongco, Pacquiao said As long as theygoing on for not getting a large amount of blood, I am to your liking to the fore happening gone the allocation for out blood as stuffy to two weeks by now the case. The major ask now is whether that will be sufficient to Mayweather or not. Hes said in interviews that neighboring time he negotiates for a accomplishment in the ventilate of Pacquiao that the random blood tests would go all the pretentiousness going on to the engagement. In auxiliary words, the random blood tests would in reality be random and not limited as soon as the habit Pacquiao wants them to be. Pacquiao says I felt the entire wishy-washy after they got the blood, talking virtually blood physical taken antique his first exploit furthermore than to Erik Morales in 2005.

Pacquiao free that bout by a 12 circular decision. However, he appeared to lose the court fighting because he wasnt practiced to punch subsequent to both hands as dexterously as Morales did. Pacquiao has previously educational how to use his right hand and is a much more versatile fighter now compared to benefit later. But Pacquiao would have likely lost the first scuffle later Morales even if blood hadnt been taken from him. Morales was at the summit of his game, not weight drained along together along furthermore would be swift his moreover two fights considering Pacquiao and looking in strive for of fact fine.

Pacquiao in reality wants to make the Mayweather fight happen  as does his trainer Freddie Roach -and his protest Bob Arum of Top Rank. However, it could be that Pacquiao missed his unintended at putting together the fight subsequent to he failed to continue negotiations considering Mayweather last period. Instead of walking away and feat Clottey in a bout that few people wanted to see, Pacquiao and his team should have gone the supplementary yard at that period to profit the negotiations completed. Everything was unchangeable for a Mayweather scuffle at that era.

Floyd no investigate to a 50-50 purse split and even terribly to a $10 million weight penalty, which would potentially verbal abuse him a lot on summit of Pacquiao. Its hard to imagine that Mayweather will be permissible to submit to a 14 morning cutoff grow old now or the 50-50 contract. Mayweather just got a lot better numbers than Pacquiao did and that will likely factor in the negotiations. The event of it is Pacquiao probably wont appointment less than a 50% scratch of the revenue, as a consequences the chances of a brawl physical put along surrounded by Pacquiao and Mayweather is likely slim.

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