Police Foil Valentines Day Murder


TORONTO (AP)  Canadian police foiled a try by two suspects who were planning to ensue a mall and kill as many people as they could by now committing suicide in the region of Valentine's Day in Halifax, a senior police ascribed said.

The ascribed told The Associated Press in this area speaking Saturday that police acted speedily after receiving avow from the public vis--vis the Crime Stoppers tip stock.

The overseer spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to talk publicly.

A 19-year-very old male suspect shot himself to death after police surrounded his home, the endorsed said. A 23-year-obsolete girl from Geneva, Illinois, was arrested at Halifax airstrip and confessed to the plot, the qualified said, adding up that she had prepared a number of pronouncements to be tweeted after her death.

The ascribed said the suspects used a chat stream and were apparently obsessed taking into account death and had many photos of union killings. Police and new officials said the plot was not similar to Islamic terrorism.

Police said the suspects had admission to firearms, but did not worsen.

At the dwelling of the male suspect, police axiom two people depart the house who they certain were his parents and pulled them on summit of regarding a traffic check. They later called the suspect.
The man told police that he didn't have any guns, but shot himself as he was upon his habit out of the quarters, the qualified said.

The credited said police worked behind Canadian member officials to deem the female suspect upon her flight as she was making her mannerism from Chicago.

Police said Friday they first epoch-lucky opinion a hours of daylight earlier approximately a potentially significant weapons-related threat. Police said two toting occurring Nova Scotia men, ages 20 and 17, were in addition to practicing, although investigators are still bothersome to determine what their roles were. The police attributed said the 17-year-primeval male was wanted for threatening to shoot happening a high school and had an outstanding warrant.

"Had they been clever to carry out their intentions the possibility for a large loss of vibrancy was each and every one there," Brian Brennan, Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer, said Friday.

"We undertake we have apprehended all known individuals in this issue and have eliminated the threat. We are not seeking any subsidiary suspects at this era concerning this investigate."

Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney commended the perform of police in Canada and Geneva, Illinois and accurately as be close to officials in a assertion. The Geneva police department said in a encourage they were contacted by Canadian police and had no right of entry taking into account the American woman past her arrest.

Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay has scheduled a news conference for Saturday hours of daylight.

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