$3M Dollars Reward For Cyber Criminal

The FBI and State Department announced last Feb. 24,2015 (Tuesday) a reward of up to $3 million for any information that could help them to arrest a Russian alleged notorious cyber criminal who is believed to be in Russia.. Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev is under indictment for administering various versions of hacking software including Game Over Zeus.

"Game Over Zeus" had infected more than 1 million computers and cost the victims over $100 million.

In June, federal prosecutors announced charges against Bogachev, who they say led a gang of cyber criminals in Russia and Ukraine that was running Gameover Zeus.

The Gameover Zeus botnet, a network of virus-infected computers, targeted thousands of small businesses. And Cryptolocker, a software that encrypts files on computers, was used to extract ransom payments from computer owners who wanted access to their files.

Since emerging in 2013, Cryptolocker has been used to attack about 200,000 computers, half of which were in the U.S. In its first two months, criminals extorted an estimated $27 million from victims, Deputy Attorney General James Cole said in June.

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