WATCH: Amazing Video During Water birth

image source: youtube


Water birth is childbirth that occurs in water. Less painful experience that promotes a midwife-led model of care proponents believe water birth results in a more relaxed. A 2009 Cochrane Review of water immersion in the first stages of labor found evidence of fewer epidurals and few adverse effects but insufficient information regarding giving birth in water. Child, and birthing organizations have produced statements both supporting and criticizing water birthing parent. Critics argue that the safety of water birth has not been scientifically proven and that a wide range of adverse neonatal outcomes have been documented, including increased mother or child infections and the possibility of infant drowning.

Watch the below amazing video during water birth:

video source: youtube

I made a research and according to webmd in the U.S., some birthing centers and hospitals offer water births. Birthing centers are medical facilities that offer a more homelike setting than a hospital and more natural options for women having babies.  The use of a birthing pool during the first stage of labor might:

* Help ease pain
* Keep you from needing anesthesia
* Speed up your labor

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