Human Impersonate The Dog Barking!!!! (The Dog Lose All Of Their Shit and Freak Out)

image from: youtube

The gentlemen (Voice Actor Rudi Rok) who brought you the video of dogs being shown magic tricks come up with a brilliant and new way to freak dogs out in a humane way.

He can do a pitch-perfect dog impersonation by barking at them. Watch him interacting with actual dogs in this interesting video experiment. Do you think dogs wouldn't care?  But these dog freaks the fuck out and it is so funny. How I wish science can came up with a working “human-dog-human” translator.

Do we know that animal thought is truly so different from human thought? I think that if we were to truly come up with an animal translator, we would find that their minds are really not very different from ours. Hunting or foraging for food, doing whatever it takes to survive even wild animals have analogous experiences to tribal humans: relying on their fellows (usually).

We teach dogs and cats math we teach apes sign language, we teach parrots to speak well enough that they can then teach other parrots to speak. A domesticated animal spends most of their time in human buildings or on human fields, now then, interacting with humans on a daily basis to perform the jobs that humans need performed consider that many animals have the same experiences as humans. If we asked a race horse about it's prize winning performance, would it not boast of it's skill and speed like a human athlete? Collective memory, no, fun, social mores and in fact we are starting to think the opposite as we learn that various animals are capable of love, sex for pleasure, tool use, language use. This seems like an important presumption on the part of this "Wittgenstein" who I admit I have not heard of. Would it not complain of the heat and weight just like a human farmer if we asked an ox what it thought of hauling a plow on a bright summer day?

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