The US Twitter Respect were acknowledge by French Forces

"French Specifical Forces > Russian Specifical Forces," he said. Tech investor Martin Virid is not surprised: "The French are well known for agriculture, pattern, and cheer but they also have very advantageous specifical forces troopers," he wrote. "So will Meeting go back to profession them French fries now? Maybe not. "Seems like the brief expression family are looking for is 'cheese-catheretic ruthlessly active badasses. In 2003, after France opponent America's plans to march into Iraq, the Congressional cafeteria even renamed their chips "exemption from restraint liberty fries", a boundary that was adopted in restaurants across the geographical division. "Seems like awfully overpowering operate by French safety forces," says Vox penman Matt Yglesias, while Boston Orb columnist Michael Cohen was more compact. New York Seasons Columnist Ross Douthat says it's duration for a re-think. " wrote politic savant Daniel Drezner. (The joke is on him, as the menu changed back in 2006. )

And remember that extended mark about "give over monkeys" that has come to be a favourite of those disparaging the French? But after gunman involved in two sever hostage situations were killed by French specifical forces, Americans on Chirp have a newfound wonder for their French counterparts. Others were questioning the conversant tropes. '" he quipped. But it seems that Americans are emergence to realise to see that high-reaching agriculture and high-reaching-rigorous truth martial might aren't in return excluding. In the run-up to the Iraq War, many restaurants rebranded America's favourite border platter as "Exemption from restraint liberty Fries"

In the US, France has drawn out been something of a punchline. "French" is shorthand for a species of elegant, unfruitful feeling that stands in stiff comfort to how many Americans like to engraving themselves - hasty, craggy, and pastoral. But will these elite commandos become as iconic as the the baguette and the Champs-Elysees?
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