Raif Badawi Public Slashing (Saudi Blogger who crossed the Religious Line)


Traitorous defection - renouncing Mahometanism - carries the end of life chastisement, and in 2008 Badawi was arrested and accused of that infraction of law (although he was later released). So it came as little astonishment to Saudis that the officials would convey out the lashing. @raif_badawi sentenced to 10 years gaol "It's devout extremism that deserves chastisement because it's what brought us the Islamic Situation and not liberal principles which fights extremism" commented another Saudi on Chirp. But there were many who expressed their resentment and affright at the opinion, especially at a duration when Saudi Arabia is battling with most distant fundamentalism. "He established a interlacement to stretch traitorous defection and to gall science of duty and the soothsayer's numbers and some clan cry for him, I say he deserves more than this," one Saudi chirp user commented. Je Suis Raif

Maryam Namazie tweeted "All those tweeting #JeSuisCharlie should also tweet #JeSuisRaif. And while #JeSuisCharlie trended worldwide after the Charlie Hebdo assail, some of those who hold up Badawi started #JeSuisRaif to raise up awareness about his sheathe. Raif Badawi
Saudi Arabia adheres to a tense explanation of Islamic law and it is still interdict to have free discussions about science of duty. But the online talk is far less united on the substance. Thousands of Saudis took to Chirp to distribute their rebound to recent accounts of projecting Saudi blogger and activist Raif Badawi getting flogged by officials in Jeddah on Friday for "grossly abusive Mahometanism. Badawi was arrested in June 2012 and sentenced to 10 years in gaol and 1,000 lashes after being charged with offences ranging from cybercrime to disobeying his male parent and grossly abusive Mahometanism on his "Saudi Bountiful Interlacement" website - which is now offline. "

Two Arab hashtags that transport to "Raif Badawi's national lashing" and " lashing Raif Badawi" trended in Saudi Arabia with more than 250,000 tweets after recent accounts of carrying out the first round of lashes on Badawi was announced. The chastisement has been condemned by the US and human rights organizations.
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