Proof that Mayweather is afraid of Manny Pacquiao !!!!!


Mayweather is so dumb smart boxer!!! He doesn't want to fight a left handed boxer. Maybe that is the main reason why He doesn't want to fight Manny Pacquiao. He is keep on running and giving some execuses.

There is a comment from youtube saying that:
"Its very obvious that Manny Pacquiao is greater and better than Mayweather. Why? because Pacquaio is the only boxer who achieved ten world champion in eight different weight division. no one in the history of the world that get that title only Pacquiao and no one will ever break that record, if Mayweather want to break Pacquaio,s record He must surpass the legacy of Paquiao winning 10 world champion in 8 different weight division, but Mayweather cannot do that its impossible because Pacquaio is the greatest boxer in the world, greater that Muhammad Ali period, what ever you say that is the reality and truth, and truth hurts, for those who is envy for Pacquaio's record it hurts to them, the case, confusion and doubt now is solved. so for Mayweather and camp you have to prove that you are better than Pacquaio, and prove that in the ring, not with your to much words and noise in front of the camera, because that is a virtue of being a traitor."

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