Are you tired of seeing  ads on your Facebook Account? Mr. Paul Budnitz has a solution for this. He created Ello a newly created Social Networking Site that is being compared to Facebook. According to him Ello's feature is that it doesn't have an advertisement.

Budnitz is a 47 year old designer and entrepreneur that is based at Vermont, New York. AS of now Ello has a fewer content website and a little picture with black text and its white background may change in the future. Budnitz and his teammate started to build this Social Networking Site last January. They wanted to crate a site that has no advertising and doesn't have a big circle of friends. "To me personally, to those who created this network, the Internet has started to suck a bit because people see it as an advertising platform. We wanted to make the social network we wanted,  according to the interview of Mr. Budnitz.

At first glance Ello is same as Tumblr and Twitter. Same as Tumblr, you can post pictures and quotes. Same as Twittter you can mention the name of your friends that is included on your profile or profile of your friends. Ello promised it would be settled adfree because according to them, the only way to sell their advertisement is by getting user data, and they dont want that thing to happen.

Ello doesn't have ao "Like" button seen since the "Like" button is a way to get information on matters of interest to the user. It looked easier than the written post - ie, when a user who "like" something, it would be easy for Facebook to sell such a thing so there's Ello own version of "like" - a "Love" button, available to save a different post.

Before signing up with Ello, you need to invite. Each new user needs 25 invites. When you get a Golden Ticket, it's easy to sign up. You simply choose a username that will match your URL. Consumers will also be your display name that you can change whenever you want. You can also make anonymous throughout your account. The only need that information is your email address vs. Facebook sign-up required by birthdate and gender.

In order to post, you must click the black box to be able to type. There are support page Ello for formatting text. For the user to mention just enter the "@" symbol before their username, and your post will appear on their page as Twitter. So far has not been able to post a video but can the users can upload pictures. You can filter two ways your news feed Ello: "Friends" or "Noise". When you view your Friends tab, you can see all the posts of any person you'd marked as Friend. Turn the Noise tab, you'll like Pinterest grid of posts from people you mark as Noise. Thus designed to easily view the user posts to be less interested. When you click "Friend" in the profile of anyone, automatic you can follow their post but did not mean to send a friend request. In this way, Ello is much the same as Twitter.

As of today Ello is still on its Beta Version so we are expecting bugs and  it doesn't have a feature such as user blocking and mobile app. There is a list of available and upcoming features that can be seen at the website of ello.co. It also has a Ello Facemaker Tool that is still not working today. 
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