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Netizen Mark Aguirre, shared a public Facebook post—"Back when I was in high school, I got bullied a lot. And i mean a LOT. Isang rason why is because my mom is a meat vendor." containing his metamorphosis from being bullied a lot before to a certified degree holder.

That post has trended all over social media, with over 11K likes, 2.5K shares, and 500 comments as of writing.

" A little Backstory...

As a kid they lived off of junks. Their family was raised gamit ang mga bakal bote at kalakal. My mom has no college degree. Hanggang 1st yr college lang siya. She married my father. They made 3 kids. Father left. Mom's alone. Mom's alone with 3 kids. Mom who has no college degree was left with 3 kids.

She had no choice but to raise us on her own. She probably had no idea at first how. *Pero she found this job sa palengke. She would assist the business owner until nakaipon siya and umupa ng sarili niyang pwesto. Now she owned 3 of her own.

Nung HS im not gonna lie Im embarassed sabihin kung ano kinabubuhay namin. Maybe because I know ill get bullied. Bata palang ako kaya ganon ako at sila magisip. But honestly i think it's the most respectable job anyone could get. She would wake up at 3am kasi aayusin pa niya ang supply, she'll meet clients(suki), she'll do the actual selling, then at the end of the day magaaccounting pa yan para makita ilan ba tinubo. She may not have a college degree, but oh boy lemme tell you what she has, she has the heart to fight all the impossible and make miracles happen everyday.

Fast forward.

She paid for my entire college, i graduated in UST
She's paying my lil sister's college and all expenses at San Beda
And yung bunso is nagaaral ng junior high sa isa sa pinakamamahaling school sa tarlac, montessori.
(im not bragging. Just trying to give you guys a context. We dont care about money honestly hindi po kami tutyal)

If i could go back to HS, I wont mind getting bullied nang dahil dito, because my mom isn't just a meat vendor. She's a superwoman."

She is, by definition, a SAVAGE."

Mark Aguirre is a 21-year-old from Tarlac. He shared his story of when he was bullied before, because of his mother is a meat vendor. He's also a former Bosconian at Don Bosco Technical Institute Tarlac. A professional photographer. And a graduate of Bachelor degree at University of Santo Tomas.

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