Drug addicts are liars.
By: Central Luzon News Center | Nelson Bolos

This came when the Bishop of Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) declared that arrested “Aglipayan church priest" Randy Valdez is not a member of the IFI.

Valdez, along with 2 others (Camille Franilla and Mike Raven Quinto), were arrested last Saturday in a buy bust operation by this town’s police led by PSupt Joel Mendoza.

In an interview upon his arrest, Valdez, who he is a native of this town, claimed he is a priest of the Aglipayan church and is the “destined priest” of the IFI church in the municipality of Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija.

However, Bishop Dindo Ranojo, Diocesan Bishop of IFI Diocese of Tarlac, said, “Randy is not and has never been a member of IFI. Before I became a Bishop, I have worked in our national office and I did not encounter his name”.

“I do not even know if he is really a priest. He did not study at our schools”, added Ranojo.
The news on Valdez’s apprehension, “Priest, 2 others arrested for shabu”, trended in social media since it was posted here yesterday morning and many among IFI members commented negatively on his (Valdez) claim of being an IFI priest.

As of 10:23 PM today, the Valdez news has reached 79,155 views.
In a second interview this morning (August 9), Valdez admitted that he belongs to the Philippine Independent Catholic Church (PICC) and not with the IFI.

Sought for comment, Mendoza, this town’s police chief, said, “sinungaling si Valdez, sabi niya hindi niya kilala ‘yung babaeng kasama niya (Franilla), pero ‘nung I check namin ang cellphone niya napakarami nilang text na dalawa. Sabi niya hindi siya gumagamit ng drugs, pero positive siya sa lab test”.

Ranojo also disclosed that Valdez belongs to one of the several “factions” of their church.
“Valdez is a member of the PICC. He does not belong to the mainstream (Aglipayan church). Their group (illegally) occupied some of our churches”, also said Ranojo who, as bishop, is the head of the IFI in the province of Tarlac.

The founding of the IFI dates back during the Filipino uprising against the Spanish rule. It was born when Filipino revolutionary priest Gregorio Aglipay, the acknowledged founder of the church, and some other Filipino priests, disassociated from Spanish-led catholic church then.

Hence, IFI was more commonly known as Aglipayan in deference to Fr. Gregorio Aglipay who is the church’s first Obispo Maximo (Supreme Bishop).

IFI was formally founded in 1902.

Pressed for comment, Valdez begged not to further “make an issue on his claim that he is an IFI priest but said, “huwag na po sanang palakihin pa ang issue, kasi matagal na po akong nag-resign sa IFI”.
On this issue, Ranojo said, “hindi totoong nagresign si Randy (Valdez) sa IFI dahil hindi namin siya naging member. IFI is a world-wide church with more than 6 million members and is recognized by the Council of World Churches. We have no priest involved in drugs”.

Mendoza also revealed that Valdez’s claim of being an Aglipayan priest was validated with Cayupo chief of police, PSInsp Abraham Atencio.

“Before we wrote it on our (police) report that Valdez is a priest of the Aglipayan church, we validated his allegation with the chief of police of Cuyapo. Atencio confirmed that he (Valdez) regularly officiates masses in their church and also said that he (Valdez) is peddling illegal drugs and uses the back of their church in his dealing of shabu”.

It was also confirmed that the church of Valdez in Cuyapo town is not among the churches of IFI but of the PICC.

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