Single Mom Graduates From Tarlac State University To Set 'First Example' For Daughter


This single mom’s happy tears are definitely contagious. 

By: Era Nunag

It’s graduation season, and I’m sure we have all come across inspiring stories of success, determination, and perseverance. Social media is no stranger in telling these kinds of stories.

The picture was posted by Regine Nica Lucas. In the caption, she told the story of her journey through college while raising a daugther on her own.

To celebrate, she shared an inspiring story, embracing one of her biggest fans and support systems, her 5-year-old daughter, Riona Angel.

 In the Facebook post, Nica shares that she had her daughter when she was 20. People told her that she wouldn’t be able to finish her studies anymore because she already had a daughter. But she persevered all the more and proved them all wrong.

Still, she says in the post that she doesn’t regret having a child at 20. She also wants people to know that having a child at a young age does not mean that there’s no more hope and that life is over.

She writes, "To my daughter. Thank you. I finished because you needed to see me do it. I'm not strong because i want to be, i'm strong because i'm your first example."

Nica graduated with a degree in BS Architecture at Tarlac State Univerity. Her story is truly an inspiration to all single mothers and students alike.


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