Chowking Crew In Camiling, Tarlac Praised Netizen For Returning Important Documents


In this day and age when almost everyone in the country is trying his or her best to make ends meet, it is heartwarming to know that some people chose to stay honest in the midst of temptation.

By: Era Nunag

A Chowking's Crew in Camiling, Tarlac is being commended for returning a belt bag , video camera, wallet worth of cash and important documents that his costumer left.

Isaiah Punsoy the Chowking's costumer has nothing but praise for Chowking's Crew after the latter returned his wallet, which contained huge amount of money.

Punsoy praise the guy on the picture by posting his happiness for returning back her wallet.

Here's the actual post of Mr. Punsoy:

On our way home after a successful overnight fishing at Hundred Islands, me and my fishing buddy dropped by for our favorite wanton noodle at the Chow King Camiling branch.

After finishing our merienda, I grabbed a boxful of Asadong Siopaw as pasalubong for the wife and proceeded home not knowing I had left behind something so important that could potentially be a nightmare.

As I unloaded my fishing gear, I realized that I left behind my belt bag, videocam and wallet at ChowKing Camiling. I quickly felt a desperation in the pit of my stomach and called my fishing buddy to make a Google search on the Chowking Camiling Branch phone number while I frantically search for my wallet containing my driver’s license,

BDO Visa Credit Card and my PRC P.E.E. ID. I immediately realized the laborious documentation processes needed in applying for a duplicate license.

As soon as I received the Chowking phone number from my fishing buddy, I immediately called the Camiling Branch. The Restaurant Manager informed me that their crew found my waist bag, videocam and wallet with $700 cash and now had the items safely kept in their vault.

My worst nightmare was averted and I cannot express enough the relief I had when he told me the great news.

KUDOS to Mr. ADRIAN DELA CRUZ and the rest of the Chowking Camiling Crew. It’s nice to know that there are still a lot of honest people in this country. It speaks so much of a person's character and the corporate culture to do the right and noble thing.

I must say that I am greatly invigorated by the act of honesty the staff at Chowking went over and beyond what was expected of them and to say the least they were very empathic about my concerns. Truly a class act by all involved.

KUDOS again to the Chowking Camiling Crew and let us hope people in government will follow suit.


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