Manila-Based Shabu Supplier of ‘REFORMED’ Pushers Killed in Bungled Buy-Bust


“The supply of drugs must be stopped.”

By: Central Luzon News Center | Nelson Bolos

Thus, said when police here tried to entrap a Manila-based supplier of shabu which turned bloody when the suspect was killed after he shot it out with the cops.

In his report PSupt Luis Ventura identified the slain “supplier of ‘reformed’ drug pushers” as Marlon Kasan, 33, who is from Paco, Manila.

Ventura said Kasan was killed in an entrapment operation at Barangay Minane Concepcion, Tarlac at around 3am on May 21, 2017 (Sunday) when he (Kasan) resisted arrest and fired his gun.

“He is the (drug) supplier of several drug personalities who have ‘surrendered’ and underwent reformation. He is the source of shabu from Manila”, said Ventura.

Found from Kasan’s wallet were several pieces of Cebuana Lhuillier “padala” receipts sent to him by local drug personalities apparently as payment for the shabu he delivers.

A number of the persons who sent him “pera padala” were “drug-reformists” disclosed Ventura.
Also recovered from Kasan were 7 “bulging” sachets of shabu, a caliber .38 pistol with fired and live ammos, and pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Ventura, who have caused the arrest of 36 suspected illegal drugs violators in barely 2 months of being assigned as this town’s police chief, said, “we have focused our operation on stopping the flow of drugs in our town and on apprehending High-Value-Targets. We are very sure we have no shabu laboratory here. The supply of drugs comes from the outside”.

Within the last 2 weeks, 2 barangay kagawads were arrested selling shabu who were Barangay Kagawad Daniel Quilala, 36, of Barangay Alfonso, and Barangay Kagawad Noel Sanches of Brgy Sta. Rita.

Earlier, Brgy. Kagawad Gil Pascua, also of Brgy. Sta. Rita was also entrapped in a buy-bust operation.

As this developed, Tarlac Police Provincial Director PSSupt Ritchie Medardo Posadas commended Ventura for a “job very well done”.

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