HUNGRY YARD Tarlac | The First Ever Food Park In The City


Everyone loves food. It gives us sustenance to be able to live from day to day, and it also tastes so darn good that you just can’t get enough.

By: Era Nunag

A full-blown restaurant can be hard to manage and maintain, and thus the noble food park arose. Think of this establishment as a posher and bigger food court where you get ambiance, good food, and cheap finds all in one place. Why go through the hassle of food tripping in one establishment at a time when you can just visit one spot where you’ll find 10 to 20 different types of food stalls? So with an empty stomach, we present to you the Hungry Yard Tarlac (The first food park in the city).

The wave of food parks' success have been phenomenal. Foodies and gourmands alike have been enticed by these food havens that started to germinate around the metro and even in Tarlac. However, traffic always seems to get in our way whenever we decide to drive up north to experience this so called food phenomena.

So, when something comes up and it's just 15 minutes away from us, how can you not get excited and gather up with your family and friends to discover our own version of this millennial food trend.

HUNGRY YARD TARLAC ~ The first ever food park in the city.

This food park has enough parking and it's easy to find, it's just in the bypass road San Vicente Diversion Road Tarlac City

They are open everyday and serves at 4 pm till 12 midnight.

It houses 22 different food stalls catering different cuisines and food concepts.

The food park has a covered dining area surrounded by the merchants, its a chic-industrial type of backyard dining with wooded tables an comfortable chairs. There are washrooms on both ends and an upper floor dining as well.

Though the dining area is concrete-paved, all over the vicinity is covered with gravel so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Here are some of the food stalls and the food you can fawn over at Hungry Yard Tarlac:

 *Sports Bar and Restaurant* 9 Wings

 Angela's Kitchen + Grill

 Araro (The TLC Taproom)

 Backyard Food Hub

 BrahmsLeigh Continental & Chinese Cuisine

 CATCH 2300

 D'Corner Meet

 FGBN Diner

 Fire & Ice Desserts made extraordinary with Lab!

 Machos Nachos

 Pho o'clock

 Putok Batok Food House

 Talkryo Ramen

 Rich King Korean Cafe & Chicken


 Chuggers Sisig Avenue

 Swag-C Food Hub


 Vittle Space Sizzlers

 Wok with Me

Xiaochi Food Haus Taiwanese Food

There, Tarlac can now compete once again with the ever growing food trend catering to different kinds of food-lovers or simply hungry tummies who happens to be in the vicinity or maybe stuck in traffic.

There are 22 food stalls waiting to cater to your dining whims and in a backyard feel, or rather the sporty basketball venue.
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