Watch: 12 Years Old Daughters Virginity Sells To A Rich Man

A teenage girl in Cambodia whose virginity was sold to a man past she was a kid has revealed the horrors of the sex trade in her country. Dara Keo, now seventeen, told Marie Claire that she was just twelve years gone her mother Rotana, 62, sold her to a affluent, powerful man, back she was desperate to pay off a gambling debt acquired by her late husband.

She was frustrated to pay for into their demands after her husband's creditors threatened occupation considering she could not pay. Her earnings were a meager $1 a hours of day at the period.

What followed was indescribable but in no way unconventional in Cambodia, where ancient belief taken from Taoist cultural dictates that a prolonged lifespan can be achieved through sex behind virgins.

The man who bought Keo was a dexterously-known politician in Cambodia, even if Keo and her mother declined to make his pronounce public. For one week, she was kept in a hotel room and would visit her twice of thrice a day.

While her strive might seem repulsive, Keo is just one of the countless Cambodian girls whose virginity is sold annually, mainly to ably-known policeman and politicians, the abandoned men affluent enough to have plenty maintenance for it.

In fact, penniless families usually profit on the subject of $1,500 to sell a daughter's virginity, which is equal to 4 years' salary. Koe's mother was thus desperate; however, she accepted just $500. Vannith Uy, 41, worked as a chef for years at a beer garden, where teenager hostesses in exposing attires entice men searching for virgins to nap previously.

Desperate for share, Vannith sold the virginity of her own daughter Chamnan Sok behind the girl was just eighteen, and she saw at least fifty juvenile females functional at the beer garden acceptance to the related fate.

In hostility of the trauma, these youngster girls definitely went through; they accomplishment not doing any outward sourness towards their mothers. Keo says that she by yourself felt depressing on the order of speaking what happened to her.

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