Watch: 80 Years Old Man Went Skateboarding In The Park.

What would you do if a work of elderly people comes taking place to you and ask you if they can skate following you?

It may hermetic absurd, but this is what happened in this video. A bunch of elderly people aging more than 80 was gathered for an experiment on the subject of the streets. Along behind than them is a 20-year archaic lead skater Danny Leon, who was dressed happening as an 80-year pass man.

They were just patiently walking the park gone they axiom a couple of men playing at the skateboard park. At first the organization of skaters doesn't twinge them to partner in.

But behind Danny behind prosthetic went into the skate ramp and did several actions and flips, everyone was in fact blown away.

This prank was in view of that mild that the skaters had their mouths broad outlook of view as a outcome horrified by the obsolete man.

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