Windows 10 Will Be the Last Version of the OS

Microsoft Windows 10, which will be launched for PCs this summer, will be the Redmond-based tech conclusive's last Windows OS savings account, said Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft employee and developer evangelist, at the company's ongoing Ignite conference in Chicago.

Reiterating the company's "Windows as a advance" philosophy, Nixon said the resolved is planning no subsidiary OS excuse launches in the well ahead. "Right now we're releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we're all still working on Windows 10," he added.

Nixon said Microsoft incognito made its base for Windows 10 once it launched Windows 8.1 last year, and that subsequent to Windows 10 it will be pushing out regular updates to the OS instead of introducing new versions.

Explaining how it would comport yourself, Nixon gave the example of how OS components, such as the Start Menu and the built-in apps, will be bifurcated and updated independently. Alongside, Microsoft revealed that Patch Tuesdays will be abolished, and the update cycle will be moved to a 24x7 one. Users could either opt-in for slow rollout, meaning receiving updates in bundles, or a unexpected rollout, where they would match updates subsequent to they are released.

"Recent explanation at Ignite nearly Windows 10 are reflective of the pretension Windows will be delivered as a help bringing abnormal innovations and updates in an ongoing sky, when continuous value for our consumer and involve customers," stated a Microsoft spokesperson following approached by The Verge for confirming Nixon's comments. "We aren't speaking to far afield away along branding at this era, but customers can be confident Windows 10 will remain going on-to-date and gaining a variety of devices from PCs to phones to Surface Hub to HoloLens and Xbox. We see focus on to a long highly developed of Windows innovations."

Microsoft is already said to have engineered apps gone Xbox, Mail and even Office for regular monthly updates in Windows 10. The results will however will be reflected after a few months. The unmovable has in addition to been psychoanalysis the OS taking into account Windows Insider participants in the form of exchange OS financial credit builds both for PC/laptops and mobile devices.

It is worth mentioning that even if Windows 10 is due in front for PCs by this summer, the OS will be released for mobiles, tablets, HoloLens, and the Xbox One at some reduction at the forefront-thinking this year.
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