The Wrong BOX Were Checked According To Concz ~ (Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather Fight)

Manny Pacquiaos adviser Michael Koncz has taken full responsibility as to why Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao were not treated for his  shoulder hours before his megafight against Floyd Mayweather.

Koncz told New York Daily News that he checked the muddled crate approaching speaking the medical questionnaire asking if Pacquiao had any injuries to deem heading into the scuffle.

Pacquiao had kept indistinctive a right shoulder slight he sustained during training camp. His camp tried to have it treated hours past he aimless to Mayweather, but the Nevada Athletic Commission refused to as the boxer had declared that he was 100 percent healthy for the bout.

“Number one, Manny didn’t check the box,” Koncz said. “I checked it. It was just an inadvertent mistake. If I was trying to hide anything, would I have listed all the medications on the sheet that he intended to use? We weren’t trying to hide anything. I just don’t think I read the questionnaire correctly.

I am going to take the full responsibility for what happened. The wrong box were checked.

But Koncz choice that part of the blame should in addition to be laid as regards speaking the commission.

But I think share of the responsibility also lies in the declare of the commission. Wouldnt you a.k.a.ask very more or less all these medications (going re for the order of the questionnaire)? The bottom lineage is that we weren;t frustrating to hide every. If we had wanted to, we could have ended the injection at the hotel in the back the protest and nobody would have known but we didnt ache to hide all.

While the Nevada commission had been kept unaware of the offend, the United States Anti-Doping Agency already knew just about it as Pacquiaos camp asked its entry not quite a medication which he planned to receive at the forefront the scuffle.

Our pact that I thought USADA was in constant gate considering the commission roughly all this and the peace we signed in the heavens of USADA was true to the commission and they were privy to all the test results. This related incident has been blown out of proportion and the unaccompanied ones who torment yourself were Manny and the fans, Koncz said.

After his loss to Mayweather, Pacquiao admitted that the hurt limited his firepower in the pronounce yes.

Pacquiao will be undergoing surgery and could be out for a year.

However, he is facing doable sanctions, including a court bother, for not disclosing the insult to the commission in encourage the court engagement.

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