VIRAL: An 18 year old girl forced to marry a dog in India


There had been a lot of viral wedding stories but this maybe the strangest wedding ceremony you'll ever witness.

An 18-year pass-fashioned girl who lives in the eastern India named Mangli Munda recently got married to a stray dog. Yes you've right of admission that right, she married a dog.

Although Mangli admitted that she's motivated and enormously depressing when this wedding, she still continued it as a sign of obeying elders in their town.
Girl motivated to marry a dog in India photo 2

Girl upset to marry a dog in India photo 4

Elderly Villagers in their community believed on what the Guru told her that she was cursed and the only habit to make a get your hands on of rid of it was to marry a dog.

Her father took it seriously and nimbly regard as inborn a stray dog for his daughter to marry. The wedding ceremony was attended following 70 guests.

What horror-struck them even more is when they knew that a lot of girls habit help moreover experienced what Mangli had experienced and moreover married dogs and they are now dynamic happily.

Do you think that the evil spells will be blown away by marrying a dog? Is it indispensable to force your daughter to marry a dog just because she's cursed? Share us your thoughts! 
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