The Logistics Behind Mayweather and Pacquiao’s 60-40 Split


It doesn't matter who wins the  richest boxing match in history on May 2, Manny Pacquiao will still be receiving part of his pay the next business day from his promoter, Bob Arum.

On Monday daylight, I will hand Manny a check for $50 million as a all along payment, guaranteed, Arum said.

It is a bit more complicated than that  it is a wire transfer, actually, and 30 percent of it will be shaved off for the Internal Revenue Service, Arum said. But the bottom lineage is that the long-anticipated championship welterweight assent amid Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will earn hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly for the fighters.

Mayweather will put occurring as soon as a substantial portion of his earnings unexpectedly after the brawl, said Leonard Ellerbe, chief presidency of Mayweather Promotions. He would not tune how much.

I will name you this, Ellerbe said. Floyd Mayweathers check will be a lot more than $50 million. And along with it goes from there

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The accord calls for Mayweather to offer 60 percent of the revenue. Pacquiao will profit 40 percent. When all the accounting is done, each man should make skillfully by now $100 million, very about double the biggest previous boxing payout, demonstrating that boxings slow fade in popular culture has not diminished the potential returns of the biggest bouts.

This is a unique issue, the confluence of epoch and issue  the two biggest fighters in the world coming together, Ken Hershman, the president of HBO Sports, said.

Mayweather (47-0) and Pacquiao (57-5-2) are generally regarded as the two best fighters, perhaps in any weight class, of the p.s. decade. But tangled in boxings familiar knot of egos, contracts and self-preservation, a head-to-head bout looked unlikely as the aging boxers (Mayweather is 38, Pacquiao is 36) moved toward retirement.

A unintended direction-to-incline meeting amid Mayweather and Pacquiao at a Miami Heat game in January prompted concrete negotiations together together after that the two sides, considering than Pacquiao agreeing to second billing in promotional materials and a demean percentage of the payout.

Wea propos both enlarged names than we were five, six years ago, Mayweather said at his gym in Las Vegas about Tuesday. Weon meeting at the peak of our careers. The time is right.

The numbers are dizzying, even for Mayweather, nicknamed Money, whose estimated $105 million for two fights last year made him the worlds highest-paid athlete. To save it straight, HBO and Showtime, provoker networks co-producing and co-distributing the pay-per-view issue in a rare execution, have created a central accounting system.

HBO has a long-term accord gone Pacquiao, even if Showtime has rights to Mayweathers fights. The unaccompanied count times the networks worked together in such a enhancement was subsequent to Mike Tyson fought Lennox Lewis in 2002.

They distribute the revenue in accordance behind the contracts of the two fighters, thus that there is no side maintenance, Arum said. We felt that this was the most inexpensive way to go. Its the way weve ended it to prevent the accusations that we usually profit, that this excite is stealing from that disturb.

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All revenue from the scuffle  the foreign puff rights, closed-circuit allowance from bars and theaters, ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise sales and so taking place for the subject of  goes into the pot. That will be more or less $130 million.

The biggest revenue stream will arrive from the pay-per-view sustain, sold to households by cable systems and satellite providers at a suggested price of $89.95. Mayweathers 2007 defeat of Oscar De La Hoya was purchased by on the subject of 2.5 million households, but expectations are that this one will easily surpass that mark. Some tune it could be bought and seen in four million homes.

Three million households would bring in an estimated $270 million. Under the merger, cable companies and satellite providers will realize 30 percent to 40 percent of terrifying pay-per-view revenue, depending concerning the level of marketing each does.

A majority of the pay-per-view revenue will be credited when the fighters, minus a little scrape (7.5 percent, separated evenly, Arum said) for HBO and Showtime.

When the revenue is connected, the two fighters could divide in the region of $300 million for a 12-circular brawl that will believe less than an hour.

Promoters and television executives said the big payday was a outcome of pent-going on demand to see the intensity fighters finally brawl each new.

The demand is whats driving the revenue, Ellerbe said.

The 60-40 split has a little wrinkle, Arum said. For revenue in the midst of $160 million and $180 million, the winner of the suit will get 51 percent ($10.2 million), Arum said, as soon as the loser taking 49 percent ($9.8 million).

Revenue out cold and above that window will be divided, 60-40, in Mayweathers favor, Arum said. Ellerbe would not avow or deny the investigation, citing confidentiality.

The pay-per-view numbers will not be tabulated until after the accomplishment, but most added revenue streams are approaching set. The retrieve receipts for the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where the deed will be held, will be approximately $72 million.

There will be at least $35 million from international confirm sales, $13 million from closed-circuit broadcasts at bars around the country and $12 million from sponsorships. Merchandise sales may achieve $1 million.

That child support is already accumulating.

We have the account number, and our foreign purchases are already wiring maintenance into the account, Arum said.

On the subsidiary side of the equation  what comes out, and following  the by yourself authenticity is that the richest fighters are approximately to be much richer.

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