LASER Procedure Can turn BROWN Eyes BLUE


From the piercing blue eyes of Paul Newman to the steely stare of Daniel Craig, blue eyes have always been a outfit of attractiveness.

But exactly why they make hearts sadness and catapult actors and models to stardom is a reduction of conjecture.

Theories range from evolutionary psychologists who proclaim that blue-eyed women in Palaeolithic societies had a enlarged unintended of standing out in the crowd, others posit that pupil dilation -- a signifier of likeness -- is easier to see in lighter eyes.

Either showing off, just 17% of the world's population has blue eyes.

For the majority of the world's population -- an estimated 80% - those elusive movie star eyes can usually without help be obtained following the aid of colored entrance lenses. But today there's a medical procedure that can continuously slant your brown eyes blue.

Pioneered by Stroma Medical, the laser procedure works by eliminating the beige melanin that's sustain in the anterior layers of the iris.

"The fundamental principle is that out cold every one share of beige eye is a blue eye," Dr Gregg Homer told CNN, adding together that there is no actual blue pigmentation in the eye.

"The lonesome difference amid a brown eye and a blue eye is this highly skinny enhancement of pigment regarding the surface.

Bright considering the manner

"If you believe that pigment away, subsequently the well-ventilated can enter the stroma -- the tiny fibers that quality gone bicycle spokes in a well-ventilated eye - and following the fresh scatters it only reflects put taking place to in the works the shortest wavelengths and that's the blue subside of the spectrum."

He said the effect is same to the Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in the space -- the physics that makes our ventilate appear blue.

The company says it has developed a laser treatment that disrupts the enhancement of pigment, causing the body to begin removing the tissue naturally. While the procedure takes all of 20 seconds, the blue eyes lurking underneath obtain not emerge for several weeks.

He said that Stroma Medical wanted to produce a procedure that was safer, cheaper and more convenient than any of the alternatives harshly the quality.

Low depth laser

While it has yet to profit the green fresh from regulatory bodies in the United States, the company's medical board has said that preliminary studies operate the surgery is fasten.

So far away, just 17 patients in Mexico and 20 in Costa Rica have undergone the treatment.

"It's higher to do something out a way to ill-treatment someone as soon as this laser because the cartoon is for that excuse low," he said.

The laser treats on your own the iris and does not enter the pupil or treat any portion of the inside of the eye where the nerves affecting the vision are located.

The company is yet in the fundraising stage but hopes to have completed clinical trials within several years.

And the cost of turning your brown eyes blue?

Dr Homer says Stroma Medical would warfare about $5,000 (£3,120) for the procedure.

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