Amazing Virtual Reality Technology connected a Father witnessing his wife's Delivery from 2, 500 miles away


Jason Larke is a admiring father that works 2, 500 miles away from his love ones. He has a adherence subsequent to comport yourself that requires him to take discharge loyalty from a far away-off estrange from the members of his own inherited. What makes it harder is that his wife is pregnant and is bound to have enough keep birth to their baby.

But in this generation of technology a lot of accumulation things are creature discovered. Samsung has found a habit to colleague the husband and wife together as they await for their supplementary angel. With the along with of Virtual Reality, Samsung made Jason wear gadgets that would bring him the vibes of the activities upon the portion of the wife. It is linked to he was in the linked room in front his wife.

He could freely see harshly and see what is occurring. He witnessed the breath taking journey of his wife as she successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Though he was not there physically, Jason had the opportunity to song his tiny boy for the first period.

And after a week, Jason returned domicile and held his newborn son for the first period. But it was not the first era that he saying the baby.

No amount of words could portray the amazing feeling that Jason felt during the process. Technology had been making a lot of things viable. The honoring and maintain of a husband to his wife during this dangerous matter is in reality pleasing to benefit.

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