Under Water Robot Locates Historic Naval Vessel

Bluefin Robotics underwater autonomous vehicles scour the ocean floors on the world looking for items necessary to the excuse industry, oceanographic researchers, and the oil and gas industry.

Most recently, a Bluefin vehicle was used by Paul G. Allen and his team of researchers in their search for the sunken Japanese battleship Musashi, the largest battleship in naval chronicles. Allen and his crew used various methods to narrow the length of the elusive location of the wreck, and along together surrounded by they were stuffysent the Bluefin 12 all along to attain its job. After single-handedly three dives, the underwater robot located the shipwreck in the Sibuyan Sea.

“We’re proud that our vehicle was able to assist so effectively in this important search for an historic naval vessel,” said Bluefin Robotics interim CEO Rich Leonard, “We look forward to supporting Mr. Allen’s passion in future searches for undersea artifacts.”

Commissioned in 1942, the Musashi weighed in at 73,000 tons abundantly loaded. It featured eighteen-inch armor plating and was armed subsequent to nine eighteen-inch guns, the largest ever mounted on a warship. Utmost mystery was maintained by the shipyard in Nagasaki during the construction; every length of the boat was hidden from view to prevent the Allied Forces from learning of her construction. Active in several battles, including the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Musashi was eventually sunk by an estimated 19 torpedoes and 17 bullets upon October 24, 1944 in the benefit in the works to the Battle of Leyte Gulf.  Of Musashis 2,399 crew members, a propos half loose their lives including the Commander Vice Admiral Toshihira Inoguchi. Even today, the Musashi and her sister boat, the Yamato, are considered to be unparalleled feats of naval design and construction.

Allen and his research team are mindful of the answerability joined to the wreckage of the Musashi as a assertiveness grave and strive for to do something once the Japanese and Philippine governments to ensure the site is treated respectfully and in accordance subsequent to applicable traditions.

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