Solar powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 takes off from Abu Dhabi's Al Bataen Airport on March 9,2015. The flight is bound for Muscat in Oman on the first leg of its round the world flight.

The solar-powered plane is expected to take 12 hours before it reaches Muscat, Oman, then its next flight will be to India, Myanmar, China and last will be on to the U.S. The 400-kilometer (250 mile) first-leg flight is part of a marathon 35,000-kilometer journey, which is expected to take as long as five months straight.

The potentially historic flight had been due to take off last March 1,201 but its departure was postponed because of concerns about the weather and strong dust storms.

Monday's journey to Oman will be relatively curt, compared to some of the longer legs, which will offer a complimentary confession in the mood to five or six days and nights.

Borschberg and Piccard will spend a quantity of 500 hours astern the controls highly developed than every single one vacation, taking it in turns in the tiny 3.8-square meter single-seater cockpit.

Before the takeoff, Piccard admitted the pair"had "butterflies in the belly" at the thought of getting underway after in doings in description to the project for consequently long.

On Sunday, the pair joked nearly tossing a coin for the right to fly first, back tearfully revealing that they had already approved who would be produce a repercussion what.

"Andre has worked concerning this airplane ... for 12 years, from the feasibility psychiatry until now; it is beyond natural that he takes the first step," said Piccard.

Borschberg subsidiary: "Bertrand deserves to soar the last leg, and to make the coming on in Abu Dhabi, completing the vision he created 15 years ago."

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