Military Chief of Syria's al-Nusra (Killed in Airstrike)


The military chief of Syria's al-Nusra Front militant work has been killed in an atmosphere strike, the outfit has said. Al-Nusra Front is considered an affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria, although reports suggest Nusra is now considering cutting ties.

The jihadist intervention said harshly social media that three improve leaders were killed along taking into account Abu Homam al-Shami.

Syria's make a clean breast-control news agency said the army had targeted Nusra leaders as they met in northern Idlib province, the Associated Press reported.

The Nusra Front is one of the most powerful groups battle to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It was live in a major fierceness around the Air Force Intelligence headquarters in the embattled city of Aleppo in the region of Wednesday.

The organization has long been considered an affiliate of al-Qaeda, although recent reports recommend it may be seeking to suspension those ties. The US lists it as a terrorist work and it is under UN Security Council sanctions.

Unique operation

News of the latest forcefulness came as the UN's envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, hinted to the BBC that the UN might negotiate when al-Nusra in front clean much-needed aid to enter Aleppo.

Al-Nusra named the three supplementary leaders killed upon Thursday as Abu Musab Falastini, Abu Omar Kurdi, and Abu Baraa Ansari.

Details of the ferociousness are nebulous. However, the credited Syrian news agency described it as a "unique operation" carried out by the Syrian army in the al-Habit place.

Al-Nusra has emerged as the strongest revolutionary force re Aleppo, Syria's second city.

Earlier not far-off off from Thursday, fierce clashes took place in Aleppo close the environment force facility attacked by Nusra Front rebels almost Wednesday.

Government forces reportedly launched an fierceness going going in the region of the order of for for rebel positions in the west of the city.

Wednesday's ferociousness began once the detonation of a large quantity of explosives in a tunnel below the building.

Nusra Front fighters and subsidiary hard-heritage revolutionary groups later launched a auditorium assault but were repelled by processing forces.

Twenty soldiers and militiamen and 14 rebels were said to have been killed.

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