LION casually opens car door ~ SAFARI PARK


A family in South African safari park were stunned when a one of the big cats casually opened the door car with its teeth with the family still inside the car.

The video were filmed last  March 2014, it became viral and trending on social medias after being shared on internet. In the short video, a lioness craving some sweet, juicy man flesh can be seen walking up to the vehicle and using her teeth to pull the door handle and peer inside the vehicle.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know they could do that,” one of the soft, tasty humans is heard saying.

The lions, having made their point, then go back in the shade.

We can learn from this incident that if you’re driving up to a family of top predators who would want nothing more than to gorge themselves on your warm innards, the best thing is double check if the door of the car are lock tight.

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