WATCH: Grammys Red Carpet Gown


A Filipino designer found himself in the global fashion spotlight after a celebrity wore his dress at the Grammys.

One of the most photographed gowns at the recent Grammy Awards was a unique set in motion worn by singer Joy Villa.
Although its influence was that of a everlasting ball gown, its materials are not usually used very approximately speaking the subject of red carpet dresses.

Filipino designer Andrei Soriano fashioned it out of a plastic barrier commonly used as a fence in construction sites.

The gown's outrageous looks stood out at the Grammys red carpet.

Produced my music superstar Rihanna, he finished 7th along amid 50 contestants. That is where he first showcased the glowing orangey Grammy's gown.

Soriano is glad that his gown was the center of attention even after the awards accomplish.

The Pinoy designer is currently preparing for his appear in at the Los Angeles Fashion Week this March.

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