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The recent press release regarding the UFO documentary Sirius which will feature Dr. Steven Greer and his research concering a tiny ET they call the ATACAMA HUMANOID, caused quite a bit of whisk after it was published in several websites, including our own. What most Americal ufologist didn't take steps, however , is that this dispute from Chiles northern Atacama Desert Region is notsubsidiary and was covered in the Chiliean media hurriedly after its discovery in year 2003.

General view of the ghost town of La Noria in northern Chile, where the alleged 
ET skeleton was discovered in 2003 (image source: openminds)

The tiny ET was found in a ghost town called La Noria, which was subsequent to a boom town of the nitrate industry that flourished in this region prior to World War One, behind the Germans invented synthetic nitrate. According to a checking account published in the newspaper La Estrella de Arica as regards October 19,2003, written by journalist Cmilo Aravena Arriagada, it all started going in this area for a winter hours of daylight behind a local man from the pampa, Oacar Moz, was gone his doings of collecting tokens, bottles and supplementary objects of a historical value in the ghost towns from the nitrate time. Muoz went specifically to a ghost town called La Noria, located 56 Km to the interior of the provincial capital of Iquique.

Alejandro Dvalos, a local worker who was buddies to the fore Oscar Muoz, took a photograph of the creature, and the engagement confirmed some attention after the financial credit and photo was published in Chiles join together circulation tabloid La Cuarta. This paper is notoriously sensationalist hence it must be taken taking into consideration that a grain of salt. Their headline upon October 9,2003 was, Discovery of a miserable dwarf Extraterrestrial causes leisure broil in Iquique! The bank account was enormously tongue in cheek, but it did look that the ghost towns of La Noria was enormously tongue in cheek, but it did look that the ghost towns of La Noria and Humberstone are dexterously known for paranormal tricks.

video source: youtube
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