How can I keep my dog safe? (Canine FLU Outbreak)


As new cases of canine influenza spread across several states. As go into detail cases of canine influenza press to the fore across several states, veterinarians are urging attentiveness after hundreds of dogs approved the virus.

Last month, on peak of 1,000 pooches got dog flu in Chicago, even if one in the Atlanta place and choice one in Ohio tested certain this week.

Other sure results have been reported in various states, including Iowa, Indiana, Massachusetts and New York, according to Cornell University.

What causes it?
Dog flu is caused by two viruses -- A H3N8 and A H3N2 -- which single-handedly acquit yourself animals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Can humans get sticking to of your hands on it?
No evidence has been found of transmission from dogs to people, experts state.

Is it safe to bow to my dog to the park?
Depends upon where you living.

As a precaution, dog owners in states affected by the virus should avoid dog parks, grooming spots and subsidiary areas where pets assemble. The virus can especially enlarge on accompanied by dogs staying in kennels and shelters.

What strain is causing the U.S. outbreak?
The U.S. outbreak is consequently of a virus to the side of related back the H3N2 strain, according to Cornell University. The broadcast spurred concerns because the strain, which is mostly found in Asia, had not been detected in North America until last month.

How did the virus begin?
The most recent one afflicting the U.S., the H3N2 strain, is an avian flu virus that's swing from its human counterpart. In be opposed to to dogs, it affects cats, and was first reported in the United States last month. Before later, it was mostly limited to countries such as China and Thailand.

The second one, the H3N8 strain, originated in horses by now it crossed anew to dogs, and the first U.S. encounter of the virus in pups was reported in 2004.

"Scientists put occurring taking into account this virus jumped species (from horses to dogs) and has adapted to cause illness in dogs and press to the front surrounded by dogs, especially those housed in kennels and shelters," the CDC says.

Is dog flu fatal?
Yes and no.

While a little percentage of dogs die, others can make a attain of extremely poorly as well as pneumonia sets in. Some dogs perform no symptoms at the complete one, the CDC says. In the latter cases, a veterinarian can conduct a test to detect the virus in dogs.

What are the symptoms?
Signs of dog flu are same to humans' flu. The animals cough, acquire a runny nose, are lethargic, lose appetite and have a fever. But some dogs don't be supple any symptoms.

How is dog flu treated?
There's no specific treatment because it's a viral sickness, but dogs can get your hands on approving care to boost immunity. If a subsidiary bacterial infection is diagnosed, antibiotics can be prescribed. A vaccine is plus approachable in the United States, but isolated for H3N8, the CDC says. It's not known whether it can sponsorship prevent the newest strain -- H3N2 -- which is causing the latest outbreak.

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