12 Years Old Girl Produces Sharp Crystals Tears


In this unexplained phenomenon, this girl has the amazing execution to cry gifted crystals out of her eyes! The crystals see quite real and seem to be coming out from deep inside her eye, to the lead no apparent insult ended to the girl. Hoax or blessing, this is pretty chilly to watch. Let's desire it's not unorthodox stunt for marketing.

We've seen a lot of weird and unique things happening concerning us, but this one might be the weirdest and most unexplained event ever.

This 12 year very old girl from Lebanon has mortified therapeutic specialists by producing dangerously brilliant crystals from her eyes. According to them, the girl produces a rate of seven cunning crystals a daylight, the gem was as stomach-throbbing as a blinking and smashed glass however it never batter the girl's eyes.

In the year 1996, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani was called the obscure girl for having such an unexplainable and questionable condition ever. Although her condition of producing intelligent crystals from her eyes was yet unexplained, some people locate this amazing still they are keen.

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