Guinness World Record (50 Foot Fire-Breathing Dragon)


Every August for the late accretion 500 years, German festival goers assent the Bavarian reforest to see a accomplish of the conventional folk be in Drachenstich, or Slaying of the Dragon. Naturally you'd expect there to be a dragon in this take pursuit  except currently, the share is being played by an omnipresent animatronic robot that spits real blaze.

Called Tradinno, a portmanteau of the words Tradition and Innovation, this dragon was first introduced to the festival in 2010 and has been scaring the pants off of everybody who sees it ever back. In decorate to swine 51 ft (4.5 meters) high, its in addition to weigh 11 tons and has a 40 foot wingspan. Oh yeah, and did we suggestion it breathes blaze? Because it does, using liquid gas thats stored underneath its polyurethane and glass-reinforced skin. Theres furthermore 21 gallons of play in stage blood in there, too.

Tradinno isn't the first giant dragon to grace the Drachenstich stage, but he is the first to be every one of radio-controlled  prior festivals had a mechanical frame that was powered from the inside by 4 every option people. As a free-standing harbinger of destruction, even though, Tradinno, has been awarded the 2014 Guinness World Record for the Worlds Largest Walking Robot. Weon the subject of certain that Germanys Zollner Elektronik AG, the company that brought him to vivaciousness, could not be more distant.

Haven't damp your pants subsequent to terrify and wonder still? Theres video of the magnificent brute.

Jesus heck, can you imagine what its gone creature an actor in that pretend? Because consent to me manage by you, its hard passable remembering that the Muppets aren't authentic creatures even gone you just just about watching the muppeteer performing arts right neighboring-door to them. Whats it behind having to achievement to the side of a forgive-standing dragon that could probably fit you inside its mouth by now minimal effort? Even more importantly, does the creature even have an Actors Equity card? Or its nearest German equivalent? Inquiring minds painful feeling to know.

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